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Welcome to your very first class at the Awesome Academy! Today's lesson we will be focusing on Maths & English exercises with fun twists to help us learn! It's time to choose which of your favourite dolls will participate in this fun activity! Take your seats quickly, as the lesson is about the begin! 

Let's Learn Multiplication!

Our friend Hally loves math, and she’s not shy about letting everyone know it. She taught us a cool trick that she learned when multiplying numbers by 9.

To multiply a number by 9, first multiply it by 10 and then subtract the original number from the answer.

Let’s practice one together:

To find 5 x 9

Multiply: 5 x 10 = 50 (when multiplying any number by 10, just add a 0 at the end, always!)

Then, subtract: 50 – 5 (original number) = 45

And your answer is: 5 x 9 = 45

Let’s do one more!

27 x 9

27 x 10 = 270 (remember to add a 0 at the end)

270 – 27 = 243

27 x 9 = 243


OG Books - Dolls with Storybooks - Our Generation

Ring, Ring it's time for English class!

For our final lesson of the day, we will be focusing on reading, writing and comprehending (new word alert: comprehending means to understand something)!

Let's practice our reading skills by each choosing our favourite book from the OG Bookshelf. After, we are write a mini book report on the stories we have just read! Visit our global bookshelf to discover all the doll stories! 

 When you’re reading, try to think about all the characters. Which ones are your favourite, why are they special to you, and how do they fit in the story.

Also, think about what you liked about the story and which parts you would change. These questions can help when trying to comprehend what is happening in a book.

Do you remember what comprehending means?

There goes the bell again. We hope you enjoyed today’s lessons, and we’ll be back for more fun learning at Awesome Academy very soon! Don’t forget to share your work by tagging us:

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Sabrina - 46cm Hairdresser Doll - OG Doll with Blue Eyes & Brown Hair - Toys & Gifts for Girls - Our Generation