Our Generation is Back!

3 girl dolls of different ethnicities walking on the street and 2 guy dolls in the backgroundWhat’s New at Our Generation UK!

It’s been a while…but the official Our Generation UK website is back!

We are so excited to share with you what’s been happening here. Keep up to date with us via our new blog, newsletters & Instagram page!

At Our Generation, we strive to offer dolls that all children can relate to and invite all into a community of empowerment and play! As we re-launch our website, we are proud to share with you our most diverse collection of dolls. From fashion-loving dolls to give little stylists self-confidence to dolls with unique hair styles to teach children to see beauty in all hair types! It’s time to meet a few of our new arrivals & learn more about their bright personalities!


Say hello to Visala! This OG doll enjoys spending time with her friends, giggling and telling stories! Visala’s long black hair is fun to brush & style with her adorable headband. Whether your little one is into fashion, storytelling or sleepovers, Visala is a great doll to go on lots of adventures with!African American doll posing on the street


Meet Mei! She’s a big fan of butterflies, and she loves showing this through her outfits! You can always find Mei exploring new places and often taking city breaks with her friends. Mei is a great addition to your child’s OG collection!

 Asian doll in the kitchen


Lorenz is one of the latest boy dolls in the Our Generation collection! He loves nothing more than organising a weekend BBQ during the summer with his friends Kids can explore the OG community, create lots of new memories & have lots of pretend play fun with Lorenz!

Boy doll in the bathroom


Empowering friends to tell their unique stories is something Mirna loves! This new OG doll comes with a cure tunic dress, denim style trousers & a pink hijab. Mirna has a bright personality and is a great doll to help kids create their own stories!

Doll with hijab in the classroom


Meet Camila, one of the first OG dolls to wear braces! Her favourite colour is pink which is featured in her braces, jumper & cute headband! Camila is the perfect doll to encourage your little one to put their best smile forward.

Doll with braces

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Sabrina - 46cm Hairdresser Doll - OG Doll with Blue Eyes & Brown Hair - Toys & Gifts for Girls - Our Generation
Sabrina - 46cm Hairdresser Doll - OG Doll with Blue Eyes & Brown Hair - Toys & Gifts for Girls - Our Generation